Top 10 Canada Cup Memories - #1

The Canada Cup has come a long way in 10 years! The first Canada Cup was held from June 25-27, 2004 at the Bonsor Recreation Centre. Though we enjoyed great hospitality and community support at Bonsor, there was only room for a handful of spectators and a limited number of media attended. Still, the first Canada Cup had a big impact on the sport. The IWRF decided that it would determine the final seeding for the 2004 Athens Paralympics.

Of the six teams that appeared at the tournament, two were Canadian. The first was a stacked powerhouse featuring David Willsie, Ian Chan, Mike Whitehead, Garett Hickling, and Patrice Simard: elite and respected veterans of the game. The second club was the developmental Canada Ice, which featured a young Trevor Hirschfield.

Canada Ice didn’t win a single game the entire tournament, but the team provided valuable playing experience to up-and-coming stars like Jared Funk and Trevor Hirschfield. Team Canada fared better, losing only a single game in the tournament against a powerful American squad and finishing second behind the undefeated Team USA.